Thursday, 12 April 2012

Primer, Blusher and my newest discovery

Apologies for being a neglectful blogger. I’ve returned home for the Easter holidays and have also returned to my full time job – uni seems like a breeze compared to this!
Thought I would drop a quick note about my newest purchase, and the face saver of the year. I FINALLY bit the bullet and purchased some Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I decided to go for the Blend version as I do get very strong patches of discolouration on my face. This primer is oil free which is perfect and makes my skin feel softer than I ever imagined possible. The bottle has a pump lid which I always give top marks as I find one pump is a perfect amount to do my entire face. The peachy tone of the primer does help enormously to even out my skintone and the product provides a wonderful, smooth surface to blend my makeup into. I also find that I do not need to use as much foundation with this primer on as I need far less coverage to blend away my coloured patches. I purchased the 30ml tube for approximately £20 online and would gladly spend it again. I cannot imagine ever returning to putting my foundation onto bare skin.