Monday, 20 August 2012

Male Contraceptive Pill in Development. Will it catch on?

This is a piece originally written for The National Student
A recent study claims to have discovered an effective male contraceptive pill which attempts to temporarily halt sperm production.
The pill can be administered in weekly or daily doses and developers have claimed that it does not affect sex drive and that fertility will quickly return to normal levels when subjects stop taking the pill.
This is the first form of non-permanent male contraception produced since the invention of the condom.
This non-permanent form of contraception could eventually become helpful in reducing the number of ‘accident’ babies, especially amongst young couples. It would also place equal responsibility for the prevention of pregnancy on both males and females. This equality of responsibility would hopefully diminish the blame culture of ‘she said she was on the pill’ and ‘he wouldn’t wear a condom’, and leave behind an equal balance of responsibility for contraception and sexual health.

Friday, 17 August 2012

My new undertaking...trying to run.

I'm not the fittest of people. Actually, nobody would even venture to call me mildly fit. But I can ace a bit of Yoga.
Anyway, newest venture for losing weight is taking up running. The Olympics have inspired me to move about a bit and the long university break is leaving me feeling stagnant and bored.
It's taken me a while to build up the courage as the thought of getting red and sweaty in public seems pretty horrific to me. But then I pretend to myself that I can run fast and that within two seconds I'll have past them. Not true, I'm more likely to collapse onto the nearest stranger and beg for help.
Anyway, finally have my trainers, have sheath of lycra known as a 'running bra' purchased and found some sort of 'exercise' trousers.
Upon recommendation of a friend I purchased the app Couch-to-5k. It seems a little optimistic with it's idea that in nine weeks of thrice weekly runs I will be able to manage 5k. Considering I only made it half way through my first workout I'm not feeling it but I'm gonna keep trying until I finally complete it, even if it takes me three months. I definitely recommend the app as it counts down your jogging and walking intervals and also has an in-app music player which is pretty essential as nobody enjoys running with headphones in but no music playing. It also gives you a goal to work towards rather than just sort of jogging around a bit thinking to yourself  'CAN I STOP NOW PLEASE??!!'
Anyway, if I manage it I will keep this updated with my progress and how I'm going.
I'm also still hunting for somewhere reasonable to actually run. Hopefully my return to the lovely city of Cardiff next month will provide me with some good places :)