Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sisters are Doing It For Themselves

So, I took on two DIY projects this summer. They were only small pieces, one table and one small cupboard. All they required was a little sanding and a lick of paint.
I pretty much winged it and just gave it a shot but I'll tell you how I did it and hopefully inspire some other DIYers to get sanding!

New Home :)

I am back in Cardiff and settling into my beautiful new home.
I will, of course, be missing being at home with my parents and living life the easy way but it is definitely time to get back on track and do something productive.

However, my summer was not entirely wasted. Granted, I spent far too much time playing Lego Harry Potter on the Wii but I also tried to become a functional human being and bought some recipe books, whipped up some nice new dishes. I also did my first ever DIY and brought two lovely pieces of old furniture back to life.

I took some pictures of my creations this summer and here they are :)