Friday, 29 March 2013

The Summer Aesthetic

I hope to make this something of a running series as I slowly start building on my summer wardrobe. I seem to have almost doubled in size since last summer and as a very faint, thin silver lining this means I have to buy new clothes for the summer time (if it every arrives).

Hopefully, my summer look will be simple, clean and light. This winter I have happily worn a palette of blacks and greys, with a few navy hues thrown in. Cos has been my store of choice, albeit a pricey one, and has served me well. I hope to lighten up this palette but also continue it with my summer look as I find it much easier to add a splash of colour to neutral clothing than to tone down a smattering of pattern and prints.
Fear not though, I will never relinquish my large store of floral patterns, they will always be hovering in the background.

So here are one or two things I picked up this week, and maybe one or two that I wish I had.

I'll get this one over with quickly. This *beautiful* top is from Topshop and I treated myself to it this week. However, by the time it had made it home and onto a hanger several of the beads had fallen off. Now, I am a student on a very tight budged and am not prepared to spend a very large amount of my budget on a faulty piece of clothing, no matter how beautiful. Sadly, I had to return it. But, if this comes into the sale at a very affordable price I will definitely be picking it up again and will be much more willing to sew it back together.
I love this dress. I love it I love it I love it. I love it so much that when I tried it on the zip on the side caught in my skin and gave me a nice cut, and I still bought it! This is yet another Topshop find (my love for that shop is undeniable). Admittedly it is a little pricey for what it is, but I couldn't resist. This dress does the 'open back' thing in a pleasingly subtle way - no exposed bra straps and excessive back-flesh. I am very excited to over-wear this dress.

Yes, yes, I bought more hotpants. Yes, my buttocks are rather wide and my thighs are somewhat wobbly but I really couldn't be without denim hotpants for the summer. I can't imagine myself being without them. These lovelies are soft and stretchy and are, once again, a Topshop find.  I do not doubt that these will become my morning, noon and evening staple shorts when the sunshine finally arrives.

I am painfully aware of how horrendous this photograph is. Sorry. I'll try and sort out of a picture of me wearing this. I found this simple beauty in River Island for a STEAL at £7! A perfect accompaniment to my hotpants and a large, colourful necklace.

One last treat to myself was this sweet little embellished top. I can't find it on the Topshop website so here I am, sharing my thighs with the world, as I hope to do this Summer, plenty to go around. I was dubious at first since this is, technically, a crop top but with a pair of high-waisted shorts (the only type of shorts in my wardrobe) it looks pretty lovely. Another steal for only £10 - one of those 'please buy this top from four years ago because nobody else will' offers.

One last thing. I didn't buy this for myself...yet. ASOS were advertising this beauty during their 25% off offer but I still couldn't quite afford it. Either a miracle will happen and it will be reduced to £5, or I will dream about it so much that I will forego food in order to buy it. I imagine it would look beautiful over my cream silk cami. I am an eternal fan of a 'look at me' necklace and I hope to continue adding to my collection.

So there you go, here are my early additions to my summer wardrobe. Watch this space for more bankrupting of myself in the name of fashion.

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