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My name is Lauren and I'm 21 years old. I live in Cardiff and I study English Literature at the uni. Quite simply, I love it. Books are my passion. I've worked in a library since I was 16 and have loved sharing my passion for literature with so many people. I'm also a bit of a tv addict and will watch anything from animal documentaries to reality tv (although it could be said the difference between the two is quite small). I spend too much money on make up and beauty products - I love having new things to try out! If it makes me feel better about myself then all the better.
               Charity shop shopping is a particular passion of mine and I hope to share some of my purchases on here. Those places really are fantastic for cheap but unique crockery collections, along with the odd eccentric dress or two.
               I've also travelled a little bit, and hope to continue doing so. I'll be sharing some stories from my favourite locations and hopefully some tips on good places to go.
              Aside from that I'll be writing about whatever takes my fancy and hopefully entertaining people in the process :)

Feel free to contact me by leaving a comment.

Lauren x

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